APN Award WinnersEach year, we honor AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners who are leaders in the channel and play key roles in helping customers drive innovation and build solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

APN Partners are dedicated to helping AWS customers build, market, and sell their offerings so they can grow a successful cloud business.

Announced during our annual AWS Partner Summits, APN Partner Awards recognize a wide range of born-in-the-cloud and traditional APN Consulting and Technology Partners whose business models have embraced specialization and collaboration.

Please join us in congratulating these leading APN Partners for their 2018-2019 success. We’ll continue to add regional winners throughout the year, so keep checking back!


APN Consulting Partner of the Year – Korea



LG CNS is a global IT service company that enables digital innovation for customers through emerging IT technology. They provide cloud consulting, systems integration, and other services for corporate customers’ business systems.

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APN Innovation Partner of the Year – Korea

Mycelebs Logo


Mycelebs is a global artificial intelligence agency that leverages a business-ready approach to AI transformation to specialize in data collection, visualization, and machine learning-based intelligence embedding.

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APN Differentiation Partner of the Year – Korea

Woongjin Logo


Woongjin is leading the SAP S/4HANA market in Korea and is devoted to continuous innovation so they can flexibly respond to rapidly changing markets for customers.

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APN Rising Star Partner of the Year – Korea

Saltware Logo


Saltware specializes in big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and security, helping customers to adopt the AWS Cloud with specialized experts and services.

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APN Consulting Partner of the Year – ASEAN

Accenture Logo-2


Uniting all the resources, technical expertise, and industry knowledge of Accenture and AWS, and delivering it to organizations through a single point of contact, the AWS Business Group at Accenture drives realization of business value through cloud adoption.

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APN Technology Partner of the Year – ASEAN

Mobilewalla Logo


Leveraging the largest consumer database in the world, overlaid with machine learning-based artificial intelligence, Mobilewalla owns and operates a unique intelligence platform that provides a longitudinal portrait of consumers’ life journeys, from home and work habits to shopping and entertainment.

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APN Country Partner of the Year – Malaysia

G-Asiapacific Logo


G-AsiaPacific provides cloud solutions to companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia with a focus on digital marketing, search, domain registration, website design, internet solution, and more.

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APN Country Partner of the Year – Singapore

BlazeClan Logo

Blazeclan Technologies

Born in the cloud, Blazeclan was established in 2010 with an international presence and caters to growing clients with a focus on startups, ISVs, and enterprises. Customers receive the benefits of agility, reduced CaPex, faster time to market, and scalability of workloads.

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APN Consulting Partner of the Year – Australia/New Zealand

Versent Logo


APN Premier Partner Versent helps businesses lay the foundations to interact and succeed in the digitized world. This includes facing into technical, cultural, and procedural change, to help enterprises think and act like start-ups.

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APN Technology Partner of the Year – Australia/New Zealand

Cloud Conformity Logo

Cloud Conformity

Cloud Conformity is an agentless, SaaS continuous monitoring tool that provides peace of mind for your AWS infrastructure, delivering more than 375 automated best practice checks across the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

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APN Differentiation Partner of the Year | Application Transformation & Migration

Contino Logo


At APN Premier Partner Contino, DevOps encapsulates the digital transformation journey of people, process, and technology. They help organisations adopt and utilize AWS products to accelerate application delivery and minimize time-to-market for software-driven innovation.

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APN Differentiation Partner of the Year | Data, Analytics & Machine Learning

Intellify Logo


Intellify delivers AI solutions to help customers operate efficiently, grow exponentially, and build competitive advantage. The help organizations realize the maximum benefits from cloud infrastructure, including cost efficiency, scalability, manageability, and security.

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APN Social Impact Partner of the Year – Australia/New Zealand

ClearPoint Logo


ClearPoint identifies and solves complex problems through design-led thinking, engineering, and product design and development. They create technology products and platforms which take businesses forward in their digital roadmap and customer experience.

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APN Technology Partner of the Year – APAC & India

Freshworks Logo

Freshworks Inc.

Freshworks is the parent company behind Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshsales, Freshcaller, and Freshteam. Its suite of products works tightly together to increase collaboration and help teams connect and communicate with customers and co-workers.

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APN Innovation Partner of the Year – APAC & India

Capillary Logo

Capillary Technologies

In this era of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Capillary continues to innovate and find ways to help brands stay consumer-ready while delivering newer, better experiences into the future.

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APN Consulting Partner of the Year – India

Umbrella Infocare Logo

Umbrella Infocare Pvt. Ltd

Umbrella Infocare specializes in delivering cloud solutions that help organizations achieve real benefits from cloud infrastructure, applications, and platforms. Their professional cloud services include cloud adoption, migration, integration, and more.

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APN Differentiation Partner of the Year – India

Minfy Technologies Logo

Minfy Technologies

Minfy Technologies provides best-in-class and well-architected cloud solutions to customers. They pioneered their practice on SAP, next-generation managed services, DevOps, CI/CD, and micro services architectures.

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APN Rising Star Partner of the Year – India

Sify Technologies Logo

Sify Technologies Ltd 

As part of their integrated cloud portfolio, Sify powered by AWS provides a single-window solution to help customers with their AWS readiness assessment, migration, connectivity, and cloud security.

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