Using Analytics for Startup Fundraising
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Fundraising is a daunting, yet inevitable task for many startups. While no founding team looks forward to the litany of questions potential investors will ask about the health and viability of your business, the more compelling, metrics-driven answers you have, the better your pitches will be.

Benn Stancil, Chief Analyst and Co-founder of Mode, gives a crash course in the practical analysis startups need to raise money. From demystifying investor jargon like “magic numbers” and “quick ratios” to sharing step-by-step instructions to build these metrics yourself, he’ll help you get one step closer to closing your next round.

Learn how to build a data-driven, successful pitch deck that highlights your most compelling wins. Benn also answers . questions about what worked, and what didn’t in Mode’s own fundraising.

Benn Stancil, Chief Analyst and Co-founder, Mode

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