Training Machine Learning Models Faster – AWS Online Tech Talks
Using Amazon SageMaker, it’s easy to begin training your machine learning model with a single click. And since Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed service, you get access to the fastest GPU instances in the cloud without needing to worry about infrastructure. During this tech talk, we will walk you through how to train your machine learning model with Amazon SageMaker. We’ll dive deep into updates to the Automatic Model Tuning feature which uses machine learning to quickly tune your model so it is highly accurate. Automatic Model Tuning performs hyperparameter optimization by discovering interesting features in your data and learning how those features interact to affect accuracy.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn to train machine learning models with a single click or an API call with Amazon SageMaker
– Learn how to use Automatic Model Tuning to get your most accurate machine learning models
– Strategies to train and tune machine learning models without needing to worry about the infrastructure to train these models

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