The Power of Machine Learning and The Opportunity for Monetization
From the 2019 NYC M&E Symposium: As interest in AI and ML continues to grow, we have seen many companies investigate the use of machine learning to help transform their content operations. By leveraging the power of this technology, Videofashion is able to find targeted content within 18,000 hours of fashion-focused television programming and videos using Curio™, by GrayMeta. With this rich library, Videofashion has teamed up with GrayMeta to provide an innovative platform which delivers deep insights into all their content, making it accessible and searchable online. Join GrayMeta and Videofashion along with AWS to further discuss machine learning and the monetization of assets. See all presentations from the Symposium in the AWS Media Blog

• Anne Adami, President and Managing Editor, Videofashion
• Nicolas Charney, Executive Chairman and Founder, Videofashion
• Ian McPherson, Sr. Partner Development Manager, AWS

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