Robots and STEM: AWS RoboMaker and AWS Educate Unite! – AWS Online Tech Talks
Creating the next generation of robotic researchers and developers is important work. Come join members of the AWS RoboMaker and AWS Educate teams as we discuss our education activities, including initiatives with universities across the globe. In addition, we will walk you through the newly launched RoboMaker Badge! Designed for higher education and upper high school levels, the AWS RoboMaker Education Program introduces students to the basics of robotics, with an emphasis on developing smart robotics applications. In this tech talk, we’ll provide an overview of our academic initiatives and show you how to leverage AWS Educate learning materials to learn how to build with AWS RoboMaker.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn about AWS RoboMaker’s initiatives with university instructors, students, and researchers
– Learn how to access AWS Educate
– Learn how to begin your journey to earn the AWS RoboMaker badge

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