Reduce File Storage TCO with Amazon EFS and Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
Managing legacy NAS storage arrays on-premises brings complexity and high CapEx. Amazon EFS is a cloud-native, scalable, elastic NFS file system for Linux workloads for use with Amazon EC2. Amazon EFS Infrequent Access is a cost-optimized storage class and helps you reduce costs automatically by enabling EFS Lifecycle Management. FSx Windows is a fully managed, enterprise-ready native Windows file system built on a Windows server, which natively supports the SMB protocol and integrates directly with your on-premises Active Directory to help simplify enterprise lift-and-shift. Learn about best practices to help efficiently and securely scale your Linux and Windows file-based applications while reducing costs.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn about key use cases for running file-based application on AWS
– Learn about common migration approaches for moving your file servers to the AWS Cloud
– Learn about the latest AWS file storage capabilities to improve scalability

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