Promoting Sustainability Innovation through Open Data
IMAGINE: A Better World, Global Nonprofit Conference 2019, Seattle, WA
Hear from Kara Hurst at Amazon on how we are using Amazon’s scale, speed and innovation, to focus on key social and environmental opportunities across our business areas globally. Join Heather Savory from the United Nations as she introduces the Global Platform, a cloud-service ecosystem to support international collaboration in the development of Official Statistics to help countries measure the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learn from Ana Pinheiro Privette about the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI) and their work to enable sustainability research, innovation, and problem-solving by making key data easily accessible and even more widely available. Ana, Kara and Heather will launch a dialogue around the benefits and challenges of the use of open data to support sustainability work. Learn about the role that collaborative research and shared development environments for trusted data, methods, services, and applications can play in bringing the community together to solve pressing challenges like climate change.

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