Monitoring Your .NET and SQL Server Applications on Amazon EC2 – AWS Online Tech Talks
Customers often need a way to monitor, log, and measure how their applications are performing, and to troubleshoot issues. AWS offers services that simplify how you monitor performance, availability, and backup and recovery of your .NET and SQL server applications on Amazon EC2. In this tech talk, we will show you how to manage your application logs through CloudWatch and Kinesis. We will cover how you can use CloudWatch App Insight to improve performance and resolve issues for your .NET and SQL Server applications.

Learning Objectives:
– Explore, analyze, and visualize your logs to address operational issues and improve performance of your .NET and SQL server applications

– Precisely identify where in your application the performance issues occur and what is causing them

– Set alarms and automate actions based on predefined thresholds, or on machine learning algorithms that identify anomalous behavior in your metrics

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