Master the Fundraising Term Sheet
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The key to a successful startup fundraising journey is mastering one of the final steps – the term sheet. Designed to outline the conditions of the investment, term sheets can be overwhelming and complex to navigate. Understanding how SAFEs convert, what’s negotiable, and what’s not, there are a number of technicalities you want to get right.

Russ Heddleston, Co-founder & CEO, DocSend and Aaron Terwey, Counsel, Atrium break down the Series A fundraising process and unpack the fundamentals of the term sheet. They’ll share real-world insights, tips on how not to scare the money away, whether to sign or walk away and the steps after you’ve received your influx of cash.

Russ and Aaron also answer questions on how to avoid potential minefields and most importantly, how to get the money in the bank.

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