Managing Application Deployments with the AWS Service Operator – AWS Online Tech Talks
As as a developer, your main goal is to build and ship quality products that are reliable and easy to manage. Cloud-native architectures allow you to define and deploy your applications. However, infrastructure is often not taken into consideration. Developers and operations overcome this challenge by defining infrastructure as a code. In Kubernetes, this leads to disjointed pipelines which are complex to keep in sync with your application definitions. Kubernetes and the AWS Service Operator allows you to fill this gap. In this tech talk, you will learn and see how to use Kubernetes objects and Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) to model and deploy your entire production environment including infrastructure, applications, and cloud-native dependencies.

Learning Objectives:
– Gain insights into Kubernetes Operators
– Get an understanding of Custom Resource Definitions
– Learn how to automate infrastructure and application deployments with AWS Service Operator

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