Introducing New Amazon EC2 Instances Featuring AMD EPYC and AWS Graviton Processors
In this tech talk, you will learn about the new Amazon EC2 instance offerings that feature AMD EPYC processors (M5a, R5a, and T3a) and AWS Graviton processors (A1). We will discuss how you can leverage AMD and AWS processors in EC2 to optimize your instance utilization and reduce your overall costs by 10% to 45% for a variety of workloads. A demonstration will showcase how simple it can be to migrate to these new instances and start saving right away. We’ll also share success stories so you can see how our customers have been successful on these instances.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn how to optimize performance and cost for your workloads with new Amazon EC2 Instances featuring AMD EPYC and AWS Graviton Processors
– Learn the use cases for these new EC2 instances
– Learn how to start using these new EC2 instances

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