Hyperscale Security Data for Continuous Risk Monitoring
Security compliance requirements have changed dramatically in recent years with massive information from numerous data streams. The Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process has transformed from a paperwork exercise to a vibrant cyber risk management enterprise with an expanded community of interest. This sophisticated and diverse new audience demands capabilities that seem on the surface to be at odds – modularity, centralized content, cloud-agnostic deployments, API capabilities, enhanced visualization, bulk data management, advance reporting, and more. Telos has been a pioneer in cyber and information security and compliance automation for two decades, but as today’s enterprises begin to face the reality of managing their expansive scanning and monitoring data, technologies that once served users well are no longer sufficient. They require a fresh approach and a new, hyperscalable framework to absorb the massive data sets and to deliver actionable risk information in a visually accessible format. In this technical discussion, you’ll hear the security practitioner requirements, development challenges, and deployment solutions that have resulted in the new Xacta.io cyber risk management platform. Sponsored by Telos.

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