How to Build a Private Marketplace & Govern Software Provisioning with Speed – AWS Online Tech Talks
It’s important for enterprises to find a simple way to ensure their engineering teams comply with procurement, legal, and security controls without reducing agility. In this tech talk, we provide an introduction to Private Marketplace and demonstrate how to create a custom catalog of approved third-party solutions. You’ll learn about the thousands of solutions that can be added into your Private Marketplace and the various pricing and deployment methods that can be preconfigured into your approved solutions. Enable self-service procurement and help reduce the procurement cycle time for new solutions or vendors from months to hours.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn how to create a Private Marketplace and what configuration and deployment looks like
– Learn how to select from thousands of third-party solutions in AWS Marketplace and add them to your Private Marketplace
– Understand how to manage Private Marketplace and customize it with company branding

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