How Healthdirect Australia Built an End-to-End AWS First AMI Baking Solution
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There are a lot of reference articles to different parts of the AMI baking problem space, but how do you put it all together into a cohesive frame to deal with compliance? In this 400-level session, walk through a native AWS end-to-end solution for AMI baking. Move from setting up signaling to re-baking an image, grabbing the image, putting it all together, informing others that it’s ready, and ensuring that they update successfully. By regularly baking an SOE image daily – or even hourly – and making it available to all environments and development teams, there is always a fully-tested, patched, and hardened operating system image available. This reduces the need for long patching cycles, the risk of critical vulnerabilities accumulating, and the time that they may be open to exploitation. It provides natural opportunities to update underlying Amazon EC2 infrastructure. Join Healthdirect to learn about their success with their immutable infrastructure approach to AMI baking and what they have learned along the way.

Speaker: Peter James, Chief Architect, Health Direct Australia

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