Enabling Research Using Cloud
In this session, we discuss how scientists worldwide – from CERN, the National Health Service in the UK, and the Communication Research Centre (CRC) Canada – are using AWS to accelerate the pace of research. Enjoy a range of case studies and overview of tools, such as high-performance computing, machine learning, and deep learning, using AWS research. Discover how to seamlessly extend on-premises clusters into Amazon EC2; and how researchers from PHAC use this method daily at the National Microbiology Lab (NML) in Winnipeg to sequence genome data, rapidly detect disease outbreaks, and inform public health responses. Finally, learn about CRC’s advanced, secure scientific-computing environment in the cloud, plus its role in democratizing high-performance computing for various scientific needs.

Paul Astell, Director, Information Management/Information Technology, Communications Research Centre Canada

Sanjay Padhi, Technical BDM, Scientific Computing, AWS

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