Customer Showcase: Improving Data Processing Workloads with AWS Step Functions’ Service Integrations
Learn how coordinating AWS Services using AWS Step Functions can improve your overall productivity. Many developers build applications that must repeatedly execute tasks in a reliable sequence, i.e., a workflow. Step Functions is a fully-managed workflow service that allows you to combine AWS services into workflows that can run batch processing jobs, process media or data files, and send results and messages to users or to other applications. Innovative customers like SkyWatch are improving productivity and throughput using a serverless architecture. SkyWatch provides a platform for developers to access pre-processed Earth observation satellite data from multiple sources. Learn how SkyWatch builds serverless data processing workflows on Step Functions that integrate multiple AWS services including AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate, a managed container service, to ultimately reduce their data processing time 3X. Gain a deeper understanding of how workflows operate and how integrating AWS services can improve your overall productivity.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn the best practices for building serverless workflows that improve productivity
– Learn how to coordinate AWS services such as AWS Batch and Amazon SQS in AWS Step Functions workflows
– Discover when to use Step Functions instead of building your own workflow

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