Closing Keynote: Jill Vedder + EB Research
IMAGINE: A Better World, Global Nonprofit Conference 2019, Seattle, WA
Hear Jill Vedder’s personal story of supporting a close friend whose son was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare genetic disease with no cure. Jill and Eddie Vedder partnered with EB parents who had founded two nonprofits focused on finding a cure of EB, creating the EB Research Partnership. Learn from Michael Hund at EB Research on how EBRP is leveraging Amazon’s working
backwards innovation process to focus on the customer: patients and families fighting this disease and the researchers working towards a cure. Michael will talk about what happened when they convened their stakeholders in one room and asked everyone to agree on a one sentence problem, and how other organizations can come together as a community and scale together.

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