Building a Data Streaming Application Leveraging Apache Flink – AWS Online Tech Talks
Today’s businesses continuously generate massive quantities of streaming data from thousands of machines, devices, websites, and applications. AWS customers build applications to process streaming data in real-time in order to load clickstream data to their data lake in minutes, generate operational metrics from log data in seconds, and apply machine learning models on IoT sensor data to react to changes in milliseconds. In this tech talk, we will present the business benefits of building streaming applications, the best practices for building such applications, and how to maintain these applications over time with low effort and resourcing needs. The technical focus of the talk will be on Amazon Kinesis and Apache Flink. Amazon Kinesis offers fully managed services that make it easy to collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data. Apache Flink is an open source framework and engine for processing data streams. Amazon Kinesis provides a fully managed service for building stream processing applications using Apache Flink, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn the business benefits of adopting streaming applications
– Get best practices for building real-time applications with Java leveraging Apache Flink
– See how to maintain real-time applications over time with low effort and resourcing needs

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