Briefing: AWS Hybrid Cloud Storage and Edge Computing – AWS Online Tech Talks
While customers are adopting the cloud for many reasons, many organizations have workloads running on-premises that they can’t immediately, or ever, migrate because the applications are tied to physical environments such as laboratories, or mines, or the applications can’t tolerate network latencies. AWS provides hybrid cloud storage and edge computing capabilities to meet these needs – meeting customers where you are, physically and technologically. We will provide a briefing on AWS services for hybrid cloud storage and edge computing architectures. We will also cover key recent launches, including block storage for AWS Snowball Edge, which expands the workloads you can support with Amazon EC2 for disconnected environments.

Learning Objectives:
– Understand the AWS portfolio of offerings for hybrid cloud storage and edge computing
– Learn about edge computing in disconnected or intermittently connected environments
– Assess which of your workloads you can serve with AWS hybrid cloud storage architectures

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