Best Practices for Provisioning Amazon MSK Clusters & Using Popular Apache Kafka-Compatible Tooling
Amazon MSK can be the lowest cost, fully-managed option for your Apache Kafka workload, regardless of scale. In this tech talk, we show you how to right-size your Amazon MSK clusters by balancing performance and expected throughput spikes, to get the total cost down to $0.05-$0.07 per GB delivered. We also cover how you can use popular data streaming tools and frameworks like Apache Kafka Connect and Apache Kafka Streams with Amazon MSK clusters. Finally, we review recently announced features and share insights on what is to come.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn best practices for provisioning Amazon MSK clusters to balance performance, throughput, and cost
– See how to use popular data streaming tools and frameworks with Amazon MSK
– Learn about recent enhancements and what’s to come

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