AWS re:Inforce 2019: Driven by Security: MGM’s High-Velocity Cloud Transformation (SDD352-S)
As a leader in its industry, MGM Resorts is transforming into a digital business with an aggressive strategy for cloud adoption. Join Dan Meacham, Legendary Entertainment VP Global Security and Corporate Operations and McAfee VP of cloud engineering Slawomir Ligier to hear how MGM’s approach to securing its AWS environment accelerated that transformation. Topics covered in this session include MGM’s primary focus areas for securing AWS environments, how McAfee helped accelerate this transformation, and the process of building a cloud security platform that extended from on premises to the cloud. We also discuss how to gain visibility into all workloads, lateral threat movements, and protection against advanced attacks, as well as how to create a successful DevOps workflow that integrates security.

– Rajiv Gupta, McAfee
– Scott Howitt, MGM Resorts

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