AWS re:Inforce 2019: Cross-Account Encryption w/ AWS KMS & Slack Enterprise Key Management (SDD353)
Slack stores lots of customer data, and it’s essential that it’s protected. Some customers need tight control over their keys, so Slack worked with AWS KMS to enable customers to revoke data access independently. With Slack’s Enterprise Key Management (EKM) capability, customers control master keys that unlock access to their data from KMS accounts. Using precise, granular KMS access controls, customers allow or deny access to individual channels, workspaces, or Slack channels and audit keys in AWS CloudTrail logs. This session covers KMS and how Slack used KMS to build the EKM capability. Learn how KMS can help you give your customers control over their data.

Complete Title: AWS re:Inforce 2019: Cross-Account Encryption with AWS KMS and Slack Enterprise Key Management (SDD353)

– Audrei Drummond, Slack

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