AWS Fireside Chat: Optimize Your Business Continuity Strategy with Aurora Global Database
Amazon Aurora Global Database provides fast cross-region disaster recovery and enables high performance, low lag, cross-region scaling of reads with minimal impact on database performance. As a feature of Aurora, Global Database uses physical, storage-level replication as opposed to logical replication used by other MySQL-compatible databases. With physical replication, Aurora provides high availability features together with a greatly improved replication performance. Data is replicated between the primary and secondary regions usually within a second, with an upper bound of 5 seconds. In the unlikely event your database becomes degraded or isolated in an AWS region, secondary regions can be promoted to take full read-write workloads in under a minute. Attend this AWS Fireside Chat to learn how you can use Aurora Global Database to build scalable and reliable apps.

Learning Objectives:
– Create an Aurora Global Database and view the clusters in the console
– Performance test where we show a SYSBENCH workload running on Aurora Global Database with little or no impact on the master
– Walk through of a failover to show how Aurora Global Database can continue accepting reads/writes and is back up and running within 1 minute

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