American Heart Assoc: 100 years of Content is Discoverable with Serverless & AI on AWS
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The American Heart Association presents how they, together with AWS Professional Services, built an Amazon Lex bot for their catalog to help customers discover content more easily. The bot uses a combination of questions and answers and additional context to complement the user experience. In addition, this solution enabled them to feed in new content in a frictionless way and allow IT to manage the feedback loop; helping the business curate and improve content continuously. This approach helps drive an ever-improving customer experience.
The video walks through the Amazon Lex QnABot solution which uses full text search capabilities using Amazon API Gateway and Amazon ElasticSearch, a business portal using Amazon S3 (to help train the bot), a feedback loop using Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Athena, and voice capabilities through Amazon Alexa and Amazon Polly.

Host: Heitor Lessa, Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS
Customer: Chirag Chhita, Manager Innovative Solutions, American Heart Association

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