AI-Powered Health Data Masking – AWS Online Tech Talks
Improving patient care, making treatment decisions, managing clinical trials, and more, are all moving into a new age due to advancements in AI. Many companies in the healthcare industry generate large amounts of health data that is used in a variety of applications, such as population health management and electronic health records. Developers need to find ways to use the valuable medical information in these applications while meeting their compliance obligations with regard to sensitive data, such as protected health information (PHI). Join us in this tech talk to learn how to use a pre-built solution from AWS, AI-Powered Health Data Masking, to identify and mask health data in images or text. You’ll learn how medical language processing can apply to many healthcare use cases and see a live demonstration of the solution in action.

Learning Objectives:
– See how to use this solution for use cases like clinical decision support, revenue cycle management, and clinical trial management

– Learn how to deploy the solution quickly and easily with a CloudFormation template

– Learn how to use the solution for your own use case

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