A Simplified Approach to Data Driven Research Collaboration
Dr. Ian Foster, Director, Argonne Data Science, and Learning Division, Argonne National Lab, and Professor at the University of Chicago

With artificial intelligence and machine learning on the rise, high performance computing (HPC) systems proliferating, and research teams more distributed than ever, reliable research data management is now more important than ever. We tend to take these functions for granted, and yet modern collaborative research would not be possible without them. When scientists can move and share data quickly, easily, and securely, they accelerate the pace of research and innovation. Globus has spent the past nine years developing a research data management service with over 100,000 users at thousands of organizations worldwide. Tune in to learn about what makes Globus unique, support for various compliance requirements, and common use cases, such as data migration from scientific instruments and public cloud storage like Amazon S3.

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