3 Million Hours in 30 Days: How Tangent Animation Created Next Gen
From the 2019 NYC M&E Symposium: Creating an animated film presents many challenges. Artists need to create a “look” and style that accurately reflects the director’s vision. The pipeline team needs to implement the appropriate resources for the artists to do the work. Join Ken Zorniak, CEO Tangent Animation, to learn how they partnered with AWS Thinkbox and leveraged EC2 Spot Instances to help scale their pipeline to render 3 million hours in 30 days (peaking at 3,000 instances) for the full-length animated feature film Next Gen. See all presentations from the Symposium in the AWS Media Blog https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/media/presentations-from-the-aws-me-nyc-symposium-on-march-20-2019/

• Ken Zorniak, Tangent Animation, CEO

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