From December 2 to December 6, over 60,000 attendees will spread out across six venues on the Las Vegas Strip, which promises to make re:Invent 2019 the biggest re:Invent yet.

For M&E attendees looking to get the most of their experience, you can follow the below steps:

  • Register for re:Invent
  • Learn more about event logistics
  • You can start planning your schedule now. Seat reservations open Oct 15
  • Looking for M&E-related sessions? With over 45 M&E-related sessions across breakouts, workshops, chalk talks, and builder sessions, we have something for media business leaders, technologists, and developers alike. Start planning your schedule now. To get the most up-to-date list filter by Topic: Media Solutions, or Industry: Media & Entertainment. Some highlights below:

Breakout Sessions spotlight:

  • CMP203  Studio in the cloud: Content production on AWS
  • MDS201  Latest Media & Entertainment industry news from AWS
  • MDS202-R  Optimizing live video feeds to the cloud and the consumer
  • MDS301-R  NBC’s Hybrid AVID deployment and AWS Cloud-based Video Edit Stations
  • MDS311-R  Live broadcasting on AWS
  • MDS313-R  Hotstar – Live streaming at record scale

Workshops spotlight:

  • MDS402-R  Media analysis evolved
  • MDS403  Launch a live video channel in minutes
  • MDS404  Automate, accelerate, and appreciate your VOD workflows
  • MDS405-R  UnicornFlix: Building a video-on-demand app with AWS

Chalk Talks spotlight:

  • MDS305  Breaking news: Deploy global content distribution in minutes
  • MDS306-R  Building resilient live streaming video workflows
  • MDS307-R  Are you well-architected? Best practices for media workloads
  • MDS401-R  Building resilient live streaming video workflows
  • MDS408  Building and refining AI Models with Human-in-the-loop workflows

Builders Sessions spotlight:

  • MDS308-R  Create multi-language video with automated subtitling
  • MDS309-R  Build basic live video workflows
  • MDS310-R  Build basic video-on-demand workflows
  • MDS406-R  Extract value from content archives with Media Insights Engine
  • MDS407-R  Migrate media assets with Media2Cloud

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